PURE Statistical Database Training

Please click on the modules below to complete the required statistical training and print a copy of the certificate provided at the end of module #s 2,3,4,7,9 and 12. A copy of your training certificate must be sent to Sumathy Rangarajan at Sumathy.rangarajan@phri.ca to store in our records.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that you are using Internet Explorer as your web-browser as other browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.)  may not correctly display and/or print the training module certificate of completion.

Module 02 – Study Design Data Structure

Module 03 – Data Quality

Module 04 – Approach to Multivariate Analyses

Module 05 – Nutrition Analysis

Module 06 – Survival Analysis

Module 07 – Multilevel Analyses

Module 08 – Assessing Goodness of Fit

Module 09 – Programming Tips

Module 10 – Competing Risks

Module 11 – Multiple Testing

Module 12 – Non-Linear Models

Module 14 – Statistical Writing